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Longleat Safari Park 

On Wednesday 10th July Barn Owl Class and Snowy Owl Class visited Longleat Safari Park. Barn Owl Class took the opportunity to do some "on location" filming for Barton Stacey Broadcasting. Our roving reporters also documented their visit when they returned to school - you can read two of these reports below and one over on the School News page. 

Our trip to the animal adventure by Anna Campbell

Yesterday morning at 8:30am Barn Owls boarded a coach and then the fun was about to begin because we were going on a fantastic school trip to Longleat Safari Park!

When we arrived at the amazing Safari Park we were so excited! Sami said she knew why is was called Longleat because it was so long.

We firstly saw the Ringtailed Lemurs and Goats. One of the Ringtailed Lemurs was scattering on one of the ropes and another looked like it was meditating. We all had a giggle about that. After that we headed to the toilet and when I came out surprisingly everyone as sat in the shade have biscuits. I thought they were delicious.

Then we had a look at the Giraffes and Zebras. There was also a sneaky Ostrich because it hid behind a stripy car.

Next we went back to the coach and then we passed the Monkeys but we couldn’t see them because they sneakily jumped onto cars. Soon after we came past Anne the enormous Elephant but sadly we didn’t see her because she was hiding in her haven.

Later on we passed a pack of Deer, there was a Stag with huge antlers. Some of them were resting under a tree. Most of them were being fed by humans in cars.Then we came past the Pelicans and Vultures enclosure. Some of the Pelicans were in the pond and some of the Vultures were circling like they had spotted prey. After we passed the Rhinos, they had a paddock, there was a Daddy which was in the front, Mummy which was looking after the baby and the baby who was being cuddled by the Mum.

Then we saw some Buffalo and Camels. One of the Camels had a very bent hump and all of the Buffalos were resting in their paddock.

Next we visited the Siberian Tiger. I was scared, according to Dillon the Siberian Tigers can pounce onto a coach and knock it over, but I didn’t believe him. After we saw the Lions I learnt that the Lioness do the hunting but the Lions look after the kids. Soon we got to the Cheetah enclosure, we nearly lost it because it was hiding behind a tree. Next we passed the Wolves, the Wolf cubs were sleeping under a tree. One of the Wolf cubs got lost and the Mother was looking for it.

Lunch time was great!

After lunch we went to the Bat Cave, Esme held a Bat. Next we went to Jungle Kingdom, we saw Meerkats, Porcupines, we saw Lizards, Anteaters and Koalas. The Koalas were the best because they are so cuddly.

I had a great time but now it was time to go back.

Our Longleat Safari day trip by Sami Dunford

One sunny hot day in July we got on the coach and set off to Longleat. I think it took about 1 hour and 15 minutes but I was so excited to see the animals. When we got to Longleat the first thing we saw was the Lemurs. We all laughed because it looked like one of the Lemurs was meditating in the very hot sun. They meditate when they are hot!

Then the next thing was very exciting, it was the spotty Giraffes and the stripy Zebras. I noticed that one of the spotty Giraffes was the sly one that got the food! When I saw the Zebras they were very stripy so I could only see their stripes.

Everybody was very hungry so we had a snack and went to the toilet. The snack that I had was a biscuit with a sprinkling of sugar and I had a nice juicy orange.

Everyone was so tired so we got on the coach and drove off and we saw people feeding some Onyx with really big horns. Then when they moved out of the way we drove on and we saw some Buffalos and Anna thought that the Buffalos would crash into the coach.  After we kept on going and on the way on the left hand side we saw some Rhino and one was sleeping and one was laying down in the mud.

Then we drove on and there were very scary animals, Tigers and Lions and I saw two Daddy Lions and two packs of Lions and Lionesses. Next we went on and we came across a small animal that is a Wolf and we saw a Wolf carrying a bird. Also we saw Wolf Cubs under a tree probably because they were hot.

Everybody was starving so we had lunch. I had a yummy biscuit and some other things.

After lunch we went into the Bat Cave and we saw lots of bats flying about. After we went to the Jungle Kingdom. In Jungle Kingdom we saw Meerkats scurrying around. We saw the Anteaters, the Mummy one was carrying her baby on her back. Then we saw the Porcupines, the Porcupines house was so stinky!

After we went to the Butterfly House and there were Butterflies flying all around.

Then we went to see a really cute animal, it was a Koala, the house was called Koala Creek. They were sleeping in some tress.

After that we saw the Otters swimming in the water. Then we walked into the Crocodiles and one of them was swimming in the water and was staring at everybody.

Then everybody was so tired we all walked to the coach and me, Sophia and some other people played a game with Mrs Griggs.

World Book Day

World Book Day in Barn Owl Class was such fun! We all wore amazing costumes and stopped throughout the day so that some of us could read our picture books to the rest of the class. We really enjoyed sharing our stories! 

Chocolate Advert's 

Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory Workers have been very busy planning and making their delicious healthy chocolate bars. Not only have they made chocolate bars, they have also created packaging and adverts! 

Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory 

Barn Owl Class are currently working for Willy Wonka as Chocolate Factory Workers! Their first task was to evaluate other chocolate bars currently on the market. This involved tasting and rating lots of chocolate! Look at our fantastic lab wear!

Take a look at the Barn Owl Gallery in Our News for more photos of the children busy at work. 

Remember this chocolate mission is TOP SECRET!!!!! 

 Beaulieu Treehouse Study Centre 

On Tuesday, Barn owl Class and Snowy Owl Class went to Beaulieu Tree House Centre on a bus.

The first activity was bird calls. The Great Spotted Woodpecker sounded like a yapping dog. The next activity was the mini beast hunt. There were some juicy slugs. Poppy and I found some worms. After that activity it was the mole walk. I bumped in to some of the poles which held the string on. When we walked around we held on to the string. We wore mole masks and there were no holes to see through. 

Then we did the woolly worms. Some of the woolly worms were camouflaged and some of them were not camouflaged. After a while it was lunch, it was yummy and nice.

Soon we did badger sniff. We had the smell, mint. It smelt nice. We had to goa round and smell the pots on the floor.

Later we did the pond dipping. My group found a dragonfly nymph. It was big. We found two.

At last it was time to go back to school. I was tired on the bus. It was a long way from school.

By Jessica Stokes

Stanley's Stick 

Barn Owl Class has been reading Stanley's Stick and have been using their imaginations to create their own adventures. 


Sukkot Celebrations 

Sukkah 1