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Viking Day Write-ups

On Friday 4th October Hawk Owl Class became Viking's for the day. Read below for recounts of the day from the children. More photos can be seen in the Hawk Owls Gallery. 

Viking Day Report

By Naomi Kerr and Matilda Leader

 On Viking Day we enjoyed DT because we liked the making and painting of our longboats and shields. It was fun to assemble the longboats because they looked magnificent at the end when they had been painted and made. The shields looked colourful and the patterns were great. The shields were all different because of their amazing patterns and their bright colours. We also liked the chant because the lyrics were fun and when we did it as a round it sounded fantastic. We also got to dress up for Viking day and every costume was unique, brilliant and special.

Together our favourite part of Viking Day was the role playing because it was fun when the boys fought each other and the girls came to heal the wounded people. We also danced a Viking merry dance when the boys linked arms with the girls and we skipped around the mats joyfully.

 Overall we had a great day!

My Viking day report

By Phoebe Franklyn

Viking day was EPIC to me because I loved the fact that we got to dress up as Vikings and we got to do some Viking dancing and fighting ( play fighting of course! ) but the two activities that stood out to me were for two completely different reasons:

  1. The Chanting, because it meant that everyone was included and that meant it was a fun moment everyone could

Experience that moment and also it was EXTREMELY fun! J

 My first favourite is…….

DOING THE ART!!!! Because I really felt like I was a Viking making a real longboat only it is a miniature one of course!!! In conclusion the best Viking day ever! I wish we could do it again!!!!!

Viking day report

By Daisy Marshall and Lily Jarman

On Friday 4th October, 2019 Hawk Owl Class had a Viking Day. We all got to dress-up as Viking Warriors or Princesses. We did lots of activities and they were all great fun but we are only writing about our three favourite ones.

 We enjoyed learning and performing the Viking chant because we got to make our own actions. We got to sing it as a round and when we were confident Mrs Marshall videoed us for our exhibition. We enjoyed it very much!

 I also enjoyed DT because we got to design and paint our own round shields that are to be stuck on the side of our longboats. We also had to carefully cut out a Viking longboat template which we later painted brown

We all had a fantastic Viking day!

D-Day poems 

Dear Lord, Please help us remember all the soldiers which were delivered to Normandy by boat or plane. Thank you for us winning the war and D-Day. We are very sad and emotional about this day because we lost a lot of English and German men. We will also remember them for their bravery and we will remember they will not die in vain. Can we also remember the German men who were forced to fight because of their leader Adolf Hitler. Amen. By Edward Stear 

Dear God, Thank you for the soldiers who stopped the war. Thank you for the sacrifice they made for everybody's freedom. Please remember the innocent soldiers who died. Please protect us like the soldiers did. Please remember the bravery they carried. Amen. By Maisie Howard

Dear God, Thank you for the soldiers who fought in the war and for their sacrifices during the D-Day operation to allow us to have freedom today. They had a lot of bravery and they were courageous. They managed to stop the war and that's why we are safe today. We hope that war doesn't happen again. Amen. By Talia Hazard 

Dear God, Thank you for the brave young soldiers who fought on Normandy beach to protect our country. They sacrificed their lives for us and for good. Thank you for commemoration that reminds us about those brave soldiers who fought and died to give us freedom. Please help us to remember them as brave, heroic soldiers who fought for our country. Amen. By Will W 

Dear Lord, Please remember all of the innocent and brave soldiers who gave their lives away or got hurt for our rights and freedom. If it was not for their bravery we would be controlled and we would not have our rights or freedom. Amen. By Daisy Reynolds. 

Dear God, Thank you for all of those brave men sacrificing their lives to save ours. Thank you for the commitment to their job to save us from the horrible war. Thank you for the wisdom of Joseph Stalin, Franklin.D.Roosevelt and Winston Churchill so the mission was easier and successful. I am truly sorry how many people died. Amen. By Matilda Leader 

Dear God, Please help everyone to remember the brave, courageous, innocent soldiers who sacrificed their lives for us to be free. Please help is to commemorate D-Day when England, France and the US flew and sailed across to Normandy and tricked Germany and Japan. Please help everybody to respect those who fought for us in the Second World War. Amen. By Georgina Thomas

Bake Sale 

On Wednesday 27th March Hawk Owl Class held a bake sale to raise money to sponsor a penguin. It was fabulous to see so much effort going in to the children and their families baking cakes, biscuits and cookies to raise the money needed to sponsor an emperor penguin. The class raised a fantastic £138.58! 

Orchestra Unwrapped

The children in Hawk owl class were lucky to attend a concert by the Philharmonic Orchestra, at The Anvil, Basingstoke. The concert had been specifically designed for children and the children were captivated by the music and musicians.

Finding out about Antarctica

The class was lucky to welcome, Mr Patrick Holligan, back to school to talk to them about his journeys to Antarctica  whilst he was a professor at Southampton Oceanography Centre. The children were entertained by the recounts of his voyages and enjoyed seeing the photos showing everything he had seen whilst he was there. The children were then able to demonstrate everything they had learnt in class and ask questions.