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Summer Term Learning Project

11 June 2021

This week, we have been exploring the seaside! We have been learning about subtraction in Maths and in Music we created a soundscape for a short film using untuned percussion. In English, we have been planning a trip to the seaside by writing lists and writing postcards. In Phonics, we have been learning about CCVC words and in Geography, the Y1s have been naming the 7 continents of the world.

28 May 2021

This week, we have learnt about turtles. We made our own clay turtles and wrote information posters. We have also been learning about addition in Maths and in Science we measured the strength of different materials to make a new shell for the turtle.

21 May 2021

This week, we have been learning with the Rainbow Fish! We have been continuing our time unit in Maths and in English we have been writing fact files about a sea animal as well as thinking about and writing thought bubbles for the characters in our focus story. In Science we explored properties of materials and completed an investigation where we had to find about how Rainbow Fish sparkles!

14 May 2021

This week, we have been exploring books from under the sea, including; 'Tiddler' and 'Sharing a shell'. In Maths, we made our own clocks to help Tiddler make sure he's not late for school and the Y1s have even learnt about hour times and half past times. In English, we sequenced and retold the story of 'Tiddler' using puppets and pictures and we have also been doing lots of research in Science using laptops and books, with the Y1s turning the information into mind maps.

7 May 2021

This week, we have been continuing our learning with Nemo and Dory. In Art, we made our own aquariums using shoe boxes and included a range of ocean animals we have learnt about. In Maths, we have been learning our number bonds to 20 and we enjoyed helping Dory learn about belonging and what makes us unique in PSHE and RE. We also had lots of fun completing a range of Nemo and Dory themed 'Rainbow Challenges'!

30 April 2021

This week, we have been learning with Nemo from Disney's 'Finding Nemo'. In English, we learnt about writing diaries by looking at Nemo's diary entry from his first day of fish school and we even helped Nemo count backwards in Maths. We have also been experimenting with the different sounds that water can make in Music and made octopus paper chains in Art.

23 April 2021

We launched our new project in Snowy Owls this week! We had lots of fun exploring some of the new things in the classroom and outside area. We created questions and made predictions based on what we want to find out about our pro-ject in English and even made under the sea landscapes by mixing colours together in Art. In Maths, we have been looking at repeating patterns and we also learnt about a famous explorer of the sea! We can't wait to continue learning more throughout our new project - 'What wonders do the waters hold?'.

1 April 2021

This week, we have been learning about Easter! We made Easter bonnets and sequenced The Easter Story. We had lots of fun finding Easter eggs with sounds on them in our Easter egg hunt! We hope everyone has a lovely Easter!

26 March 2021

This week, we enjoyed making our toy adventure stories into short films using our 'film studio'. We also bought some toys by counting and using money in the 'Snowy Owl Toy Shop'! We have also been working really hard on our fine motor skills this week.

19 March 2021

This week, we have been exploring and learning about money in Maths and have even got a toy shop in our classroom! In English, we have planned our toy adventure stories ready to turn into short films next week. We enjoyed playing listening games with the parachute and learnt all about Walt Disney this week too, with the Y1s making fact files about him.

12 March 2021

This week, we have been settling back into our school environment and exploring some new things in the classroom, including our new investigation area. We had lots of fun on Science day with Professor Brewster and looked at lots of fun experiments!  We even got to make our own rain clouds and made a ball float in the air! We also enjoyed making up our own experiments and writing words and sentences about our favourite ones. 

5 March 2021

This week, we have been continuing our learning with the Toy Soldiers. We wrote our new missions for the Toy Soldiers using our Phonics and we can't wait for them to go on all of our missions! In Maths, we have been learning about sharing and in Art we have been learning about camouflage and even making our own camouflaged animals!

26 February 2021

This week, we have been learning with the Toy Soldiers from Toy Story. We created text maps in English explaining a new mission for them and even made marching rhythms in Music and parachutes in D&T. In Maths, the YRs have been learning about doubling and the Y1s have been making and adding equal groups.

12 February 2021

This week in Snowy Owl Class, the YRs have been working on their blending and segmenting in Phonics and the Y1s have been looking at the properties of materials in Science. We made thank you cards in English and have enjoyed completing wellbeing activities this week too. We look forward to finding out which toy we will be learning with after half-term!

5 February 2021

This week, we have been learning with Forky! We have been writing instructions in English and learning about 2D and 3D shapes in Maths. We even made our own toys out of recycled materials!

29 January 2021

This week, the YRs have been continuing to learn their numbers to 20 in Maths and the Y1s have been counting in 5’s. In English, Buzz Lightyear asked us to make video letters and written letters as well as adverts addressed to Andy asking for a new toy to join the family. We also learnt about old and new toys and the differences between them.

22 January 2021

This week in Snowy Owls, we met Buzz Lightyear! We have been designing new rockets for Buzz and creating sound effects using objects for a scene in the movie. In Maths, the YRs have been learning some teen numbers and the Y1s have been learning about position and direction. In English, we have been writing labels and making sentences and the Y1s have been learning about question marks and exclamation marks. We also tested some materials to see which would make the best aeroplane for Buzz to fly around in!

15 January 2021

This week in Snowy Owls we launched our new project 'What is a Toy's Story?'! We met Woody and Jessie this week and even made a new hat for Woody. The YRs have learnt some new sounds in Phonics and the Y1s have been developing their blending when reading and writing. We had lots of fun making lost posters for our own toy and have been learning the numbers 11 and 12 in Maths with the Y1s counting in 2s. We can't wait to continue our project learning next week!

11 December 2020

This week we have been learning more about Christmas. We made a Christmas wishes cake and stirred in our own wishes and we learnt about the Christmas story and sequenced its events. We even designed a present for an elf and in Maths we've been learning about subtraction.

4 December 2020

This week we have started to celebrate Christmas. We learnt about a bear who had never seen Christmas and we came up with some ideas on what we could teach him. We made our own wrapping paper using repeating patterns in Maths and we wrote letters to Santa in Literacy.  We even got to post them ourselves in the post box to make sure they get to the North Pole in time for Christmas!

27 November

 This week we had lots of fun at our class Hanukkah celebration where we took part in some traditional Hanukkah activities. We made Menorah headbands and our own dreidels as well as created pictures to give as gifts. We then wrote recounts of our exciting afternoon later in the week.

20 November

This week we have started learning about the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah. We looked at some of the special things they do to celebrate it and we all wrote words or sentences about them. In Maths we've been looking at counting to and making 8 to represent the candles that are lit during Hanukkah and the Y1s have also been looking at their number bonds to 10. We look forward to learning more about Hanukkah next week and planning our own Hanukkah celebration.

13 November 

This week we have been camping! In Maths we have been learning about addition and in English the Y1s have been looking at bossy verbs for writing instructions. Everyone even made recycled paper by following instructions.

Sounds learnt this week - YRs = j, v, w, x        Y1s = a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e


6 November 

In Maths this week, the YRs have been looking at positional language and the Y1s have been ordering and comparing numbers to 100. We learnt about the different parts of a plant in Science and even made our own paper plants, with the Y1s labelling theirs. Also, we learnt about compass directions and made our own compasses using chalk on the playground. In English, we have been using the Gruffalo story to hear, read and write rhyming words too.

Sounds/tricky words learnt this week:

YR = l, f, go, no, to, into                Y1 = ew, au, ey, a-e



23 October 2020

This week we found footprints from the characters in the Gruffalo story in our infant area! In English we have been learning about descriptions and the Y1s have been looking at adjectives in particular. In Maths we have been looking at one more and one less to 10 and the Y1s have been writing and partitioning numbers to 100. We created artwork to express feelings through the use of colours and in Science we learnt a song about what a plant needs to grow with the Y1s continuing their plant diaries.

16 October 2020

This week we have been continuing our adventure with the NeverBeast. We have been learning our numbers to 10 and the Year 1s have been looking at one more and one less and place value with numbers up to 50. We made drums using things we found in the woods and experimented with tempo to represent different characters in the story. In English, the Year 1s have also been writing their own explanation text with new information about the NeverBeast.

9 October 2020

This week we have been learning about a pixie and a magical beast that live in the woods.  We even made toadstool houses out of clay!  In Maths, we have been creating repeating patterns and the Y1s have been counting in 10s and have been writing information about the beast,  ready for creating an explanation text next week.

2 October 2020

This week, we have been continuing our adventure with Goldilocks – this time we made our own version of the story. We created wanted posters to help find Goldilocks after she got lost in the woods and even designed and made a new chair for Baby Bear using our knowledge of materials

Beaulieu Motor Museum 

On the 4th December, Snowy Owl class went to Beaulieu Motor Museum. We started the day by taking a coach to the museum. Everyone was so excited and were wondering what we would be exploring today. When we got there, we headed straight for our very own guided tour. We saw a variety of old and new transport and even saw some racing cars and motorbikes! We had lots of fun exploring and sitting in an old London bus too. Our guide told us lots of interesting facts about the different things we explored there. We then took a short walk to the beautiful gardens where we saw an Alice in Wonderland themed landscape. Everyone did their own drawings of what they could see and some children labelled them too. After that, we went to explore famous cars that had been in the TV show Top Gear as well as different films. Our favourite was the car that had been turned into a rocket! We then had a short ride on an old fashioned London bus. Before we knew it, it was time to leave so, after an exciting day, we went to the coach and travelled back to school - most of the class falling asleep on the way back!


Remembrance Day








Snowy Owls spent time last week creating poppies whilst learning about the importance of Remembrance Day. They also made a poppy wreath which was included in the Remembrance Day Service held in Church. 

Snowy Owls Explore

This half term, Snowy Owls have been very busy exploring. We have been exploring a variety of stories and learning about characters and the adventures they have been on. We have explored the zoo, new and old transport and the seaside, and even made our own designs for each! We have been working hard with Geraldine the Giraffe in phonics and have learnt lots of new sounds as well as tricky words, including ‘I’. We have been measuring and collecting data in Maths and found out that the most popular animal in Snowy Owl class was the flamingo! All of our new Snowy Owls have been settling into our school community well and we have been exploring the theme of belonging and have all had lots of fun making new friends! We have just started thinking about how far we can explore and are looking forward to exploring space in the new half term!


Guide dogs for the blind

On Wednesday 13 March, the children eagerly awaited a special visitor to the class, Flossie the guide dog who also brought her owner Nancy-Rose, and a member of the charity with her. The children found out how guide dogs are trained and how they are heroes in their own right.


RNLI Visit 

On Monday 11th February we were lucky enough to have a volunteer from the RNLI come to visit the class. She introduced us to the work of the RNLI, showing us videos of them rescuing people in the water in treacherous conditions. Mrs Williams gave us a chance to role-play being a lifeboat person, dressing up and going to save beach-goers in a rubber dinghy. We also learnt about the flags on the beach and what to do if we were to get into trouble. Mrs Williams helpfully taught us that we could call 112 using the mnemonic "One mouth, one nose, two eyes" to help us remember the number.