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IBM preparation

In preparation for our trip to IBM in Hursley, we have begun to consider how 'apps' could make our school more sustainable and thus limit our impact on God's world.  We will continue to refine our app ideas next week whilst at the technology company's headquarters and will then spend time after half-term putting these ideas in to action.  What is clear from the children already is that their curiosity will indeed change their local world!


Leckford Estate Trip

On 26th September, four children from the class visited the Leckford Estate Farm to meet with Colin McIntyre, the Retail, Leisure and Events Manager.  He kindly gave the group a tour of the nursery and spoke about the many plants that could be planted in the Victorian Kitchen Garden (designed by Archie Whiskerd and Eleanor Mallinson in Year 6) that is due to begin construction over the October half-term.  Leckford have also pledged to provide plants to fill some of the brick-built beds.  Our thanks go to Mrs Mallinson for helping to organise and support this trip.


Refugee experience 

Before the February half-term, Year 5 and 6 children in Eagle Owl Class led a Refugee Experience at All Saints Church.  Travelling to church by ‘boat’ (a team of artists painted 9-metre fabric panels to depict the treacherous journeys many refugees face), the children led this experience in a mature and sensitive way. The class looked at the world’s current refugee crisis, and the work of the UN Refugee Council in using tent art therapy to help refugee’s open up about their experiences, and decided to paint their own tent to demonstrate their learning.  The exterior panels of our tent represented the refugee crises seen in Eritrea, Burma, Syria and Iraq, and the interior panels represented the hopes and dreams of the young people researched.  The children wanted refugees to be able to sit inside the safe haven of the tent and to hold on to hope that their lives could get better.


On Monday 11th February 2019, Eagle Owls went on a trip to Mottisfont House. Once we got off the coach, we were welcomed by the beautiful scenery of Mottifont’s landscape. Next, after we had dropped off our bags, we went to the new Mottisfont Victorian Kitchen Garden. We were given a tour of the garden by Head Gardener Johnny Norton; he gave us useful tips about how to grow a kitchen garden of our own and gave us a great choice of plants to consider. He even let us taste some of the herbs, like rocket and dill. After we spoke to Mr Norton, we decided to go inside the house and learn more about its history, from medieval times to the present day.

Visiting Mottisfont was an amazing experience and the children thoroughly enjoyed it.

“It was a great day and I enjoyed learning about the history of the house,” Natasha Gadney Yr 5

“It was a great experience and the Victorian Kitchen Garden was amazing,” Flora Leader Yr 5

“There was a great choice of plants on display,” Lottie Gatfield Yr 6

“I loved learning about the history of the house, particularly the room that James Bon author Ian Fleming visited!” Joshua Hazard Yr 5

 Mini Medics Review

On Tuesday 9th February, year 5 children learnt vital skills to help keep people safe when they are in trouble (choking and not breathing). We learned how to perform compressions, mouth to mouth resuscitation and how to use a defibrillator. We also learnt what to do when calling 999 and what to say to the emergency operator.

By Freddie Halls and Thomas Dollin-Browne

It happened in Hampshire

Eagle Owl Class were luck to have a performance of a new play, It Happened In Hampshire. This play has been written by a local playwright and provides in a fun way, a whistle stop tour of the many historical events that have happened in Hampshire, from the Iron Age and Vikings to the current day.

9th November 2018

This week, Eagle Owl Class has been extremely busy! 

On Monday we made additional fabric poppies for the Remembrance altar frontal, as well as poppies to wear during the Service. 

On Tuesday, we took a school trip to the Imperial War Museum in London and we had a glimpse of the astounding poppy display commemorating the 100th year since the end of WW1 (photo below).

A fantastic trip to Winchester Cathedral was had on Wednesday, for the annual Science Festival.  The groups completed workshops about medicine, light, archaeology and tower building.  Overall, it was an exciting experience.

Today, the Juniors led our Remembrance Service at All Saints Church.  It was wonderful to see so many parents in the Church, who listened to our Remembrance Reflection Stations, which spoke about ideas such as peace, reconciliation and prayers for those who are refugees because of war.  We hope you enjoyed it.

Eleanor M, Natasha and Poppy



2nd November 2018

In Eagle Owl Class this week we have been acting in role as reporters and experts about the extinction of dinosaurs.  We have also practised writing the first two paragraphs of our explanation text (not forgetting the causal language!) Maths this week has been about multiplication and short and long division.  Poppies for the Remembrance Service altar frontal were also made and we learnt to sew a button too.

- Eleanor T and Flora



19th October 2018

This week we have been working on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies in maths.  We have also enjoyed a 'hot' write (instruction text) and a 'cold' write (explanation text).  Furthermore, we have  begun editing our What to do in an air raid safety videos, as part of our World War II project.  The class have loved preparing reflection stations for the Remembrance Service on 9th November.  These will focus on areas such as forgiveness, peace and the refugee crisis.  One of the stations can be seen below.

- Eleanor M, Natasha and Poppy



12th October 2018

This week we have been writing instructions about how to catch watergoblins and are now set for our Hot Write task early next week.  We have been refining our subtraction and mutlplication strategies in maths, as well as filming our air-raid information videos and finalising our Battle of Britain mermorial medals.  Well done to all those children and families who have begun the weekly Reading Challenge with such enthusiasm.  Watch this space for future Class News updates from our very own Eagle Owl guest editors!