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Eagle Owls

Spring 2022

This term Eagle Owl Class will be finding out what "Is needed to succeed in Africa". Click on Africa below to find out more about their learning. 

Hillier Gardens 


On Friday 15th October we went to Hillier Gardens. When we first got there we saw a lady with a mask and a hat on both really high. She started talking to us for a bit then she took off her hat and mask and we realised it was Mrs Hoyland, our old teacher, we were all so surprised that it was her.

The activities that we were going to do were den building, whittling, fire starting and cooking apples.

My favourite activity was the fire starting because I loved striking the flint and steel. First Mrs Hoyland showed us how to strike the flint and steel.Then she gave us all a fire striker to strike, I did it second time and it was really easy.  After that Mrs Hoyland gave us all a cotton pad with some vaseline on and we started striking but I couldn't strike it so one of my friends did it for me. The last thing that Mrs Hoyland told us about fire was that you should put the back of your hand above the fire because if you put your palm over it and a flame came up you would grab it.

After that activity we went to the den building. We made a tepee den and we leaned all of the sticks against each other and untied some string from something then tied it around our den. It was a complete structure. Then we got lots of leaves to put on the roof of it as we wanted to do the water test. We got some ferns and other waterproof leaves to put on top. There was only room for two people, our structure was very good, we loved it.

The next activity was cooking apples. First Sarah told us how to put the apples onto the stick. She told us that you needed to  twist the apple onto the stick.Then she showed us how to cook the apple and how to know when it is cooked. When you think it is cooked feel it with the back of your hand and if it is really warm it's cooked. Once the apples were cooked Mrs J poured some honey on it and it was yum.

Our final activity was whittling, Mrs G gave us all a potato peeler and a stick then she showed us how to whittle. We started to whittle, it was really easy to do! After we finished she gave us some colouring pens to draw on our sticks.

This was the best school trip ever!!!!!!! 

By Jessica Stokes 

Autumn 2021

This term, Eagle Owl class are venturing into the unknown. Find out more by clicking on the picture below.

Year 6 Calshot 2021

June 2021 saw our Year 6's visit Calshot for their residential trip. Much fun was had by children and teachers! 

Friday Day 5

Kayaks today, wetsuits and paddles at the ready, 

Launch from beach to the sea keep the kayak steady.

Sea salt marshes, open water and coast,

Of this last activity we want to make the most. 


Our time is over, last lunch, ice-cream by the sea,

There’s no other place, this week, we’d rather be. 

The laughs, the play, the teamwork the fun.

For Flo, Mouse, Ruby, Henry, Tristan, Oli, ‘T’, Amelie, Will, Reuben,  Calshot time is now done.


We had the best time with you all and are immensely proud of you. Your determination, courage, resilience and all round wonderful-ness is a privilege to be a part of. 


Mrs J, Mrs G and Mrs H


Thursday Day 4

Sailing away in our boats. Off we go!
The wind in our sails, we don’t want to go slow.
Riding the waves, ducking the boom,
Steering boats across the sea oodles of room.

Helmets, harnesses it must be climb time!
Feet on the ledges, hands hold on fine.
A belay, a Tailor keep each climber tight
Pulling the rope through with all of their might.


Off to show how we work best as a team.

Tunnels, swings, low ropes, mushrooms and beams.

Across, over, under, swaying this way and that

Showing initiative and courage til all feet stand down flat. 


Day 3 Wednesday 9th June

All harnessed up, on the ground down low.
Get on, stack those crates, climb as you go.
Don’t wobble too much or you’ll hang in mid air
The ropes pulling tight, your trousers will tear.

The slopes ‘call’ once more, so on with the skis.
To get down in one piece we must all bend our knees.
Up on the lift to the top of the slope
Tip off the edge, stay upright we hope!

 A trip on the bus took us out to the woods.
A compass, a map. Finding clues should be good!
Charging around through the bushes we sought
All the markers- now found-back to base we were brought.


Calshot Day 2 - Tuesday June 8th

Started Day 2 with rock climbing walls
And learning to abseil, rather than fall!
We all reached the top, with courage and cheer.
Everyone loved it, with smiles ear to ear.
Then air rifle shooting and targets applied,
Tricky to master but, oh how we tried.
A sharpshooter’s eye was needed for sure,
Year 6 were victorious and doubled their scores.
To swing high after lunch was the afternoon dream,
But reality hit and oh did we scream!
Soon after our tummies had settled right down,
Engineers we became with genius ideas all around. 
Love from Year 6

Calshot Day 1 - Monday June 7th

The sun was shining and the sky was blue

It couldn’t start better with so much to do

In our first day of fun, we conquered the slopes, 

Slipping and sliding but not losing hope.


A little beach walk after a hearty lunch

Then we headed for archery, an excited bunch. 

Our aim of the game was to laugh long and loud

With bows and arrows, Robin Hood would be proud.


Another stroll and a quick dinner date,

Evening rockets, to make the day great.

We watched the sunset, collected shells,

Everyone’s happy and all is well.


Love from Year 6


Summer Term 2021

In Eagle Owls this term we will be asking "How are Ancient Greek values evident in our lives today?" 

Spring Term 2021

During the Spring Term we will look at how the choices we make can effect life around us. Click below to find out more. 


Autumn 2020 Class Exhibition

Here are a few snippets of this term's Learning Project; we hope you enjoy watching them.

Autumn Term 2020 

This term we will be learning how families in Europe were impacted by the events of World War 2. Click to find out more. 

Spring Term 2020

We are exploring Africa this term and asking "Africa - Can success come from adversity?" Click on Africa to learn more about our learning this term. 

Autumn Term Learning Project 2019

Can curiosity change the world?

Take a glimpse at some of the wonders within the classroom of curiosity...

Click on the curious picture below to find out more about our Learning Project for Autumn 2019.

Summer Term Learning Project

Find out how Eagle Owl Class will build a business from a single seed this term, click on the picture below.


Spring Term Learning Project

Click on the photo to access the Curriculum Newsletter for this term.


As part of this term's Learning Project, the Year 5 and Year 6 children in Eagle Owl Class are exploring the impact of World War II on children

 Click on Winston Churchill to access our Curriculum Newsletter and find out more.

For further Eagle Owl news click the Class News link.



One of our Eagle Owl chidren delivering his own version of Churchill's 'Their Finest Hour' speech.