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Our Values and Ethos

As we strive to be the best we can be it is vital for us to be certain about our core values and to share these with everybody. Our school motto is LEARN-CARE-SHARE-ACHIEVE which is underpinned by our Christian Values of LOVE - TRUST - HOPE

These are also the core value statements, put into practice, we live by:

  1. Be excited and passionate about learning
  2. Show respect for individuality
  3. Believe that children are at the heart of what we do
  4. Commit to genuine partnerships
  5. Build a culture of openness, integrity and trust
  6. Create a positive learning environment
  7. Be positive and optimistic about learning and working with others
  8. Show care and consideration for others with a good heart
  9. Develop a deep sense of spirituality
  10. Accept that it is ok to get things wrong

Vision and Values for Children


We want to be the best we can be. Our school motto is LEARN-CARE-SHARE-ACHIEVE. Here is our school core vision and values statement, written especially for children:

  • Learning is fun!

We want to make our lessons and learning fun and exciting. This will make everyone want to learn and do well in their learning; even the adults.


  • We are all different

Everyone is different and God loves us just the same. We are unique! If we were all alike then it would be very boring so we should remember to ‘show consideration for other people’, just like it says in our Code of Conduct.


  • It’s all about YOU!

Where would we be without children at our school? Children make our school come alive and are the reason we all work hard to do our best for them.


  • Sharing makes us better

Being on your own can get lonely so having friends to play with can make things more exciting, you can do more things, share ideas and get more done. The adults and children in our school like to make new friends and work with others to make our school even better.


  • Trust each other

Even though people don’t always get along, it’s important to everyone at our school that we are honest and trust each other. When things go wrong, if you tell the truth, we can work together, forgive and make friendships better again.


  • Busy! Busy! Busy!

There isn’t time to waste when you’re learning fun new things so, when you walk around our school, you should always see everyone working hard and learning together. We want our classrooms to feel nice with displays around the classroom to help children learn.


  • Be positive

Come on, let’s look on the bright side! We like to be positive in our school and when things don’t go how we expect, we can pick ourselves up and say ‘We can do it!’ or ‘Believe in Yourself’ before giving it another go. Things usually turn out ok in the end!


  • Have a good heart

It’s as simple as this: do well, but do some good. Don’t forget to be a good person and think of other people. When you are older, you can think about how you make other people’s lives better by being kind, caring and considerate.


  • Learning about God

Being a Church of England school, we think it is important to learn about how to live a good life by following Christian values and teachings. We take time during the week to be still, pray, worship with others, wonder and be in awe of God’s world all around us.


  • It’s OK to get things wrong

Nobody’s perfect and we learn by making mistakes along the way. We have to pick ourselves up, bounce back and be strong when things go wrong. It’s OK!