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Pupil Premium

Click HERE for our Pupil Premium Impact Statement for 2020-2021

Click HERE for our Pupil Premium Statement of Intent 2020-2021

Click HERE for our Pupil Premium Impact Statement for 2019-2020

Click HERE for our Pupil Premium Statement of Intent 2019-2020


The school has a very small proportion of children who are eligible for the Pupil Premium and only a slightly larger group eligible for the Premium for Service Chidren. We are committed to ensuring all our children make the best possible progress and we track the progress of every child on a regular basis throughout the academic year. We also seek out other vulnerable groups of children to make sure that we are supporting them in the best possible way. Our aim is for all children to make the best possible progress with us.

Our staffing structure allows children to learn in a class where there is a teacher and member of support staff who work together to support and challenge all abilities of children. Teachers and support staff have dedicated and protected time each week to meet, without the children, to review, reflect and make plans for the next stages in learning. Our children are familiar with working with a number of different adults and, with this level of flexibility, we can support vulnerable children when they need additional care. When we review children's progress, we identify vulnerable groups and the Inclusion Leader provides an annual report to the Curriculum & Standards Committee on the progress made by vulnerable groups, including FSM and Service Children.

The Pupil Premium has allowed us to continue and extend our high levels of classroom support so that we can accurately assess and monitor children's progress and give more support when required.Now that the Pupil Premium and Premium for Service Children has increased, we are able to access more money and this has enabled us to be more creative with our support.

Guidance on the use of Pupil Premium Funding

Please find below a link to the document detailing guidance on how the school will use pupil premium funding to support families.

Pupil Premium Funding Guidance