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The School Building

For a small village school, we are lucky to have lots of space; both indoors and out.The buildings originate from the 1950s but the school has recently had a major facelift when the school was completely reclad which resulted in the replacement of all external walls, windows, doors and the roof as well as redcoration and refurbishment throughout and new cloakroom facilities fitted. One of the benefits of a 1950s building is the large room proportions. There are four light and airy classrooms which comfortably allow a full class of mixed-age children to move around freely and with additional space to sit on the carpet as well as at tables. A large hall enables us to sit the whole school in one sitting for lunch, to accommodate whole-school assemblies and performances and for children to have plenty of room to move in PE and Dance. A well-stocked library, a shared learning area each for the juniors and infants and a small group room and one to one room supplement the school’s facilities. The school has access to wi-fi across the whole building and children are able to use laptops across both Juniors and Infants to assist their learning. Our children are encouraged to keep the school tidy and looking smart at all times and older children benefit from having their own lockers for coats and bags.

The School Grounds

The generous amount of outside play space is a real bonus and allows children to play with others freely. The large playground means that the whole school can play together safely with a Play Trail and Pirate Ship physical activity areas adding further opportunities for physical development. The field, bordered by trees and shrubs, allows for more active and creative play.The area known as ‘The Banks’, a spiral of trees and shrubs, gives children plenty of opportunity for fun, chasing games and imaginative play.  The pond and wildlife area has recently been redeveloped by a partnership with students at Sparsholt College with an emphasis on providing resources the school can use to help teach the science curriculum.Having so much space and interesting places to play has a positive impact on behaviour. The school has created an outdoor curriculum area which will allow the teachers to use our grounds to help teach the curriculum in a different way to in the classrooms. Our latest develpment is our Peace and wellbeing garden which will be used by small groups of pupils and our ELSA to provide a calming environment.


The ample outdoor and indoor facilities enable our children to enjoy sports activities. Our teams are often very successful when competing in local tournaments and all children experience in excess of the suggested two hours of sport per week. Teams regularly take part in TAG Rugby competitions and we also take part in football and athletics festivals.

Learning Environment

The physical environment has an impact on how well children learn and we aspire to creating calm, orderly and inspirational learning spaces free from distractions but with a ‘busy sense of application’. For younger children in Reception, this also means access to their own outside learning space every day.